N2K fundamentals & essentials

By installing one or more NOVEX2000 pci cards and software you can turn a computer into a multi camera, reliable (24/7) DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER with flexible REMOTE ACCESS over the INTERNET, LAN or PHONE. The system records, displays and transmits in real-time. SIMULTANEOUS viewing/recording/playback/transmission/backup in different modes and resolutions; up to 16 cameras on one display are at your fingertips. Built-in MOTION DETECTION RECORDING, ALARM RECORDING, DAILY/weekly/holiday SCHEDULED recording, alarm SCHEDULED recording, CONTINUOUS RECORDING, SNAPSHOT recording, TIME-LAPSE recording and REMOTE recording with flexible settings of number of frames recorded for each type of recording. Monitoring of up to 16 cameras on one screen, in different, selectable matrix. Use an optional SECOND MONITOR to zoom specific video windows or to do simultaneous PLAYBACK while displaying and recording on the 1-st monitor. Add a THIRD DISPLAY - CCTV SPOT monitor, to rotate cameras or to display cameras monitoring an alarm event (motion or external trigger). Supports regular phone lines-PSTN, faster leased lines ISDN, broadband Internet ( xDSL, cable, satellite) and other TCP/IP for remote access/monitoring/recording. Use our REMOTE STATION software application to monitor multiple sites and thousands of cameras.

DISPLAYS in single channels or quad or in different multiplex modes. RECORDS in individual video channels. The NOVEX2000 LITE, PRO and PLUS pci cards are 4 video inputs cards. To support 8 cameras you need two NOVEX2000 pci cards and to support 16 cameras you need to install 4 cards; therefore the 16 camera PRO or PLUS system consists of 4 PCI cards.
However, the NOVEX2000 ELITE and EXPRESS2 are 8-input cards. The NOVEX2000 has a built in time switcher for sequencing camera views in a single or multiple windows.

WHY GO DIGITAL? NOVEX Digital Surveillance systems give you many more benefits than conventional analog CCTV devices/systems at a fraction of their cost. The NOVEX system is virtually maintenance free and is flexible to be setup for different applications. Scalable and expandable with the growth of your needs. Search and Playback is instant. Can easily be networked and operated, configured and maintained from a local site or remotely - over a phone connection, Internet, LAN or any other TCP/IP environment. Provides high quality video that does not degrade over time. No tapes and ongoing consumables, no additional storage space and support required. Virtually, no moving/mechanical parts to be periodically serviced. Continuously upgraded and enhanced for free, by software uploads.

WHY NOVEX? Because NOVEX systems are affordable, powerful, very user-friendly and above all - reliable! Not to mention that they are readily available as basic kits, complete Rackmount or Desktop systems or as complex scalable solutions in many countries around the world. Fully networkable. State-of-the-art HYBRID systems - work with analog composite video (CCTV cameras) and/or IP network cameras, therefore can work independently or be part of your existing security network; can integrate with new or existing security equipment (access control, sensors, alarm I/O, gates) and business systems (Point-Of-Sales, ATMs); Multilingual versions and support is also available.

Caveat Emptor! Let the Buyer Beware! Two of our first generation (OEM) versions were illegally copied, back in year 2000, and are currently being distributed worldwide. Please be a smart consumer and/or reseller and exercise your right and act on it. Information is the best defense against purchasing illegal and/or defective products or falling victim to fraudulent practices. Learn the facts. Ask questions. Be aware of current scam operations. Blow the whistle if you think you are on the receiving end of a bad deal. If it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is. The illegal software copies are not commercial grade product and can easily be recognized: PLACE MOUSE HERE FOR DETAILS

  • unrealistically low market price ( usually less than 100 USD)
  • sales through internet auctions sites (we do not sell on-line)
  • Installation of drivers problems (Windows 2000 and Win XP).
  • DSR (Server) application version lower than v.2.0 (illegal copies are usually ver. 1.8xx or 1.7xx)
  • lack of NOVEX name in the "SYSTEM INFORMATION" box under "UTILITY" option
  • poor quality and stability of the product (note that the hardware is not an exact copy and the software has been tampered with)
  • cracking code for compression codecs and service pack for English language compatibility
  • improper installation procedure, lacking the NOVEX name and drivers
  • support of only Remote Module software and NOT of Remote Station software

  • Insist on getting version 2.2 or 2.3 or 3.0 - current, digitally signed, available through authorized NOVEX dealers and resellers - if the vendor does NOT provide the product with the above versions, you are dealing with a reseller of illegal product. Do NOT buy and report accordingly.
    The importer and distributor of illegal products is usually with connections to China and mostly dealing through on-line trading. NOVEX CANADA and its authorized distributors will NOT support users of illegal copies of the product, and will actively inform local authorities of such and will invoke legal proceedings at their own discretion.

    How to SPOT a FAKE? Each original NOVEX pci card has a security chip with a unique serial number. The security chip is the only removable chip on the NOVEX pci card and if you're in doubt - write down the serial number of the security chip and send it to us with a request for authentication, along with the company name of the vendor offering the product (include address and telephone number if possible).

    Please respect copyright and help us put an end to piracy. All "new" Pico 2000 offered today are illegal copies - just check the version number under "Utility" and "System Information" and you will see versions 1.7 or 1.8 , not to mention that the cost most likely is symbolic - 1 to 50 USD per set - a telltale sign for pirate , copy product.

    Monitor (virtually UNLIMITED number) MULTIPLE NOVEX2000 SITES via Internet connection and record. Remote monitoring, remote recording, remote PTZ control, remote playback FTP-upload and download of files. Up to 99 users can monitor the same site, at the same time from around the world with a NOVEX Client software. Alternatively monitoring can be by a IE web-browser. Recording in popular format for easy playback by major video players, besides our own sophisticated player software. Time/Date stamp (superimposed or invisible stamp) and motion detection for each camera individually. REMOTE and LOCAL Pan-Tilt-Zoom control for each camera compatible with most popular pan-tilt heads and speed/fast DOME cameras (VICON Surveyor dome series, ULTRAK Diamond KD6 dome, KALATEL TD312, PELCO Spectra Dome PTZ cameras, PHILIPS dome, Panasonic dome PTZ cameras, Canon, Sensormatic, American Dynamics, Lilin, Samsung, Elmo etc...) multiplexers and controls. Flexible settings for the refresh rate, resolution and bandwidth - totally user controlled. The NOVEX2000 can be delivered as PCI cards and software (bundled as a kit) or a complete PC based system (desktop or rackmount).

    A single 4-input (fully functional) NOVEX2000 Lite kit is available now
    $388 USD - FREE FedEx delivery! Easy to install - PLUG and PLAY; Easy to use!

    Money Back Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee - if for any reason not satisfied with our product return it for a refund! (ask for details)

    Windows 98SE, WinME, NT4.0 and Win VISTA compatible.
    Win2000 and XP Professional recommended.

    Supports PAL or NTSC.

    Audio support via a built-in audio input or via optional sound card - up to 16 microphones per system. Sync video and audio recording as well as remote audio monitoring; ALARM CALL and NOTIFICATION (LAN, INTERNET or PHONE). Please note that the audio is always recorded in mono format for the 30fps cards; stereo format is available for NOVEX2000 ELITE and NOVEX2000 Express2 - 120+fps pci cards. Audio Clip sample

    Multiple hard disks support for digital storage. Supports SCSI Hard Disks, NAS and mapped network drives, as well as big RAID systems, for best recording performance. Multiple alarm inputs. Playback at different speed, playback search engine with filters for different events recorded with selection by camera and by time. Optional codecs and hardware are available for enhanced performance. Logged users monitoring and camera access control; multiple level password.

    IP cameras are welcome!


    NOVEX HYBRID DVR system...

    • Seamlessly integrate IP cameras
      to display and record video from next
      door or from around the world

    • Connect both Analog and IP cameras,
      PTZ cameras,IP encoders or IP servers.

    • Dual monitor option, Alarm Alert via
      phone, PC video, email with image etc...

    ... build your own N2K HYBRID with NOVEX DVR cards

    NOVEX2000 (LITE) - 30fps, 4-video inputs

    NOVEX2000 LITE is a stripped down v.2.2 that offers the following standard features:

    • - local and remote display, recording and playback
    • - embedded local and remote PTZ camera control
    • - remote IE web-browser access
    • - Remote Station for multiple server and camera monitoring/recording and playback
    • - a high-efficiency, multi-tasking N2K Video Server for viewing multiple sites
    • - Local and remote Quad playback ( 4 video screens simultaneously)
    • - Quad and Double Quad display for the 8 input version
    • - Playback Server - with search and instant streaming playback functions.
    • - Multi-user multi-password access
    • - Remote Services Manager - remote setup of system
    • - Multi-thread video server, JPEG video server working simultaneously with MPEG4 and INDEO video transmission
    • - Instant playback (see what just happened, but continue recording)
    • - Video loss alarm integrated with a new alarm alert caller/receiver that can play a *.WAV file (for verbal alert)
    • - Motion Detection alarm and external alarm inputs
    • - Watermark for verification of genuine or tampered digital images

    NOVEX2000 PRO (basic) - 30fps, 4-video inputs

    NOVEX2000 PRO (ver 2.2) has all the features of LITE plus:

    • - Watch Dog Timer (auto-software or optional auto-hardware reset)
    • - New Audio Server/Client - for remote audio monitoring via PC sound card
    • - Remote Configuration - using a web-browser configure UTILITY settings of the N2K SERVER remotely
    • - WebCam server supporting Jpeg technology and live transfer to other non-Windows platforms
    • - Alarm Alert function with e-mail of an image upon motion detection or external alarm trigger
    • - Notification upon video loss

    NOVEX2000 PLUS (enhanced) , 4-inputs, 30 fps

    NOVEX2000 PLUS ver.2.3 comes with a more advanced pci capture card and enhanced software, ensuring you get all that the N2K PRO v.2.2 offers, plus much more:

    • -More advanced hardware and software for very crisp, perfectly sync images and superb video performance
    • -Stackable - up to 4 PLUS cards in the same PC to support up to 16 cameras
    • -TV output for extra TV monitor
    • -Smart Motion Search in Playback: allows playback of selected video - when motion was only present in that selected area - useful for quick detecting of missing objects or for finding moments with unauthorised movement or presence of foreign objects
    • -Enhanced Alarm Alert Receiver to provide 5 seconds Alarm Image Display Loop - mini video clip will be played, so that the Client could see what has triggered the alarm, before tapping in for live video right upon the alarm alert notification.
    • -Remote Station upgrade with Auto Reconnect feature
    • -Remote Station upgrade with 3x3 and 4x4 windows layout for easy monitoring of multiple N2K servers and cameras
    • -Enhanced Remote Configuration: you can now configure all the settings of NOVEX2000 DSR remotely via a web-browser. That includes password access, Motion Detection Setup, Utility, DSR-configuration etc...
    • -Remote Alarm Recording with Auto Start Function - upon alarm the Client PC can start automatic recording, so that the alarm situation video be stored on a remote PC as well as on the Server PC.
    • -Mjpeg, DivX or other proprietary codec support (as well as INDEO and MPEG4) - user license may be required. Codec parameter setup menu.
    • -Individual Image Video Control (Brightness, Contrast etc... for each camera)
    • -Built-in proprietary http server, for increased security and ease of operation
    • -Cascading Canon VC C4 cameras support for up to 16 PTZ cameras
    • -User selectable Recording Priority by type of recording (Instant, Alarm, Pre-Alarm and Scheduled recording can be priorities, depending on application and use of product)
    • -Fast Switching Mode for Video Synchronization and Frame Rate Improvement
    • -3-line Individual, Text Overlay Subtitle (font, color, size, position selectable); Camera Mask with memory
    • -Enhanced PTZ camera control for high-speed dome cameras
    • -Comment Field Added to Snapshot Printout.
    • -One channel built-in audio input. 5 channel audio recording per system.
    • -One video output for a second/spot TV monitor to display any camera or display just cameras under "alarm" or to rotate "alarmed" cameras or rotate selected cameras.
    • -Sharing of Audio Input for Local Recording and Remote Monitoring Simultaneously - for the NOVEX pci card built-in audio input (not for the sound card or USB microphones)
    • -2-way audio with Public Address (Server and Client) application
    • - (PDA) iPAQ / Pocket PC remote monitoring, remote configuration and remote PTZ control, right from the convenience of your palm:

      why not use a cellphone to receive alarms and monitor live feeds and even more...

    NOVEX2000 ELITE, 8-inputs, 120 fps

    NOVEX2000 ELITE ver.2.3 runs the same software and has the same features as the PLUS card, but has the following advantages:

    • -new generation hardware - faster (120frames per second) pci card
    • -8 input pci card, allows building a 16-camera system with only two ELITE cards that take up only two pci slots on the PC's motherboard
    • -TV output for 4 or 16 cameras to connect to and extra TV monitor
    • -Audio support of up to 8 channels via optional NOVEX audio board

    • -Optional MULTICAST support: broadcasting in a LAN - it will allow the N2K server to send only one package of data to virtually unlimited users in the LAN thus using only a single channel for multiple remote users - great for networks with small available bandwidth or for systems with 100+ cameras.
    • -Optional POS/Cash-register/bank ATM interface for transaction verification and recording/overlay.
    • -Optional Synchronized, Time-based, Multi Camera Playback.
    • -Optional USB alarm box with 16 alarm inputs and 16 alarm outputs - controlled locally or remotely via a web-browser.
    • -Optional Improved watermark - Video File Authentication with extra digital signature

      NOVEX 2000 EXPRESS - 120fps across 4 video inputs
      NOVEX 2000 EXPRESS2 - 240fps across 8 video inputs

      has all the features of PLUS and ELITE and offers more running the latest v.3.02 software

    • - latest generation hardware with 4 or 8 video inputs; stackable up to 16 cameras
    • - real-time, full motion video experience across all channels, at its best
    • - real-time display and recording at up to 480 fps across 16 cameras
    • - can record at 4CIF or D1 resolution, if higher quality of the image is required
    • - can take advantage of dual-core , dual-CPU, Hyper-Threading, D3D and other ...
    • - built-in IP source manager to seemlessly integrate IP cameras and IP encoders
    • - HYBRID - works with IP cameras and Analog CCTV cameras and PTZ cameras
    • - Smart-phone and Pocket PC remote monitoring of multiple NOVEX servers
    • -Alarm Alert Video Loop ehnacement
    • - New Time-Sync Playback for 16 cameras and Thumbnail search playback
    • - Enhanced Alarm Email with multi-language support
    • - FULL resolution video transmission to Remote clients
    • - Built-in TV mux function for a second spot/alarm monitor display
    • - New Webview for easy browser remote monitoring/recording/setup, compatible with VISTA
    • - New GUI with flexible camera window assignment.
    • - Enhanced Remote Station and customizable Multi-Server viewer
    • - Audio support of up to 16 channels via optional NOVEX audio board

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    All prices are in US Dollars, FOB Toronto,Canada.
    DISCOUNT (quantity) prices are available on demand.
    Custom and OEM projects are welcome!