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    NOVEX (CANADA) LTD. is a private company, incorporated in 1997 in Toronto. A pioneer company in the development of Internet digital video transmission and IP recording technology, offers one of the best PC-based Digital Surveillance systems in the world and one of the most advanced, commercial grade PC kits for building robust Digital Video Recorders (DVR), allowing users to watch live, record or playback video from anywhere. Supporting regular video cameras, analog, CCTV, as well as IP cameras and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, the NOVEX DVR systems offer the ultimate in digital surveillance and cutting-edge DVR CCTV technology. Access multiple or single cameras, access single or multiple NOVEX systems, simultaneously or individually, display all on the same screen or in different screens and layouts, remote access by web-browser or via Client application, from a PC or PDA - Pocket PC, or from cell-phone - the choice is yours; flexible, easy to setup and use. Best of all, we can customize a solution to fit your needs and help you integrate. Our robust, cost-effective solutions can work independently or be part of your existing security network.

    1997. It all started with what we consider today "a basic device" - the NOVEX VC PLUS (1996 concept) - a plug and play printer port device - truly revolutionary for its time, back then.


    NOVEX VC PLUS - parallel port device.

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    The NOVEX VC PLUS is the size and weight of a pack of cigarettes. It's an external device that plugs into your computer's parallel printer port and enables digital video recording on the local hard disk(s) as well as enables high speed digital transmission of video images and alarms to remote computers via phone lines. It connects with up to 4 cameras and (optionally) up to 4 alarms. By highly compressing the stream of data, the NOVEX VC+ can transmit up to 15 frames per second, enabling remote surveillance and control from anywhere in the world.
    NOVEX brought a revolutionary innovation in video technology to turn a PC into a powerful, yet easy-to-use video monitoring and recording digital system.

    1999. Later came the enhanced 30 frames/sec NOVEX VC PCI (designed and introduced in 1999) - a plug and play pci card that had all the features of the VC PLUS and offered substantially more, taking advantage of faster processors and better operating systems. The NOVEX VC PCI made way for the NOVEX2000 - a new pci card with a different architecture, design and advanced software application, capable to meet different needs at different price levels:


    NOVEX VC PCI card

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    The NOVEX VC PCI was a natural upgrade of the VC PLUS to a PCI card, that goes into a PCI slot of the new Motherboards at the time. It was designed for remote monitoring and recording over regular phone lines (POTS, PSTN) at a time when broadband Internet connections were still expensive. (click picture on the left)

    Once broadband connections became affordable and gained popularity the demand to monitor and record remotely over the INTERNET and via a NETWORK (LAN/WAN) and ISDN/cable came, we promptly introduced NOVEX 2000 - a PCI card similar to the NOVEX VC PCI, with more advanced features; stackable to expand to 16 or more cameras and 16 alarm inputs; supporting user-friendly, multi-camera, mutli-server communication; providing local and remote Display/ Recording/ Transmission/ Playback /Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera control ; and it can even work with IP network cameras from Axis, Vivotek, Sony, Elmo and more.

    NOVEX 2000 (N2K) basic card

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    2000. Since Y2K the NOVEX 2000 has been our best seller and the product has evolved into a complete line of products - sophisticated software applications running on different hardware solutions - pci cards.

    The NOVEX2000 product is basically a computer pci card, running state-of-the-art NOVEX software application. It has all the features of the VC PCI and much more - reflecting the huge advance of PC hardware and software developments in the last couple of years, complimenting the enhanced Network and Internet environment. The NOVEX2000 is the answer to today's and tomorrow's demand, coming from security and surveillance professionals, for great products at great price levels.

    2001-2011. Over the next decade, the NOVEX2000 became a family of pci cards and software versions, as well as complete Rackmount systems:

    • 30fps card: NOVEX2000 (basic) and NOVEX2000 PRO
    • 30fps enhanced card NOVEX2000 PRO PLUS(basic PLUS)
    • 120-240fps card : NOVEX2000 PREMIUM and ELITE (8-inputs)
    • 120-480fps enhanced card : N2K EXPRESS and EXPRESS2
    • 30fps low cost: NOVEX2000 SE (Special Edition) and Lite
    Details are at our "PRICES" web page.
    page1 and page2 from N2K 3.0 Express2 brochure
    Desktop N2K Servers
    N2K DESKTOP HYBRID - up to 16 IP cameras and CCTV cameras
    size and type varies

    The N2K solution is state-of-the-art HYBRID DVR
    The N2K hardware and software, both conceived for professional usage, support the direct connection of up to 16 cameras to one PC/N2K Server. They have HYBRID support, enabling many combinations of analog and IP network camera connections to one N2K system. The video capture pci cards provide a monitor/video output, optional microphone inputs for audio monitoring and recording as well as alarm multiple I/O connection capabilities. With the built-in network capability the NOVEX systems can grow virtually unlimitedly. The N2K Servers can be delivered in different rackmount or desktop cases, which vary by country. N2K HYBRID - up to 16 IP cameras and CCTV cameras connections
    The NOVEX2000 can work with any standard video / CCTV / PTZ camera as well as selected IP network cameras from Axis, Vivotek, Sony, Elmo, D-Link and other. The NOVEX2000 can work with IP video servers as well.

    Common features of the NOVEX2000 line products:

    NOVEX 2000 is a multi-purpose, DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE RECORDER and certainly one of the best products to ever hit the security and surveillance market, especially in terms of price/performance ratio. No wonder why it is being sold in over 50 countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other competitive markets - it simply is reliable, easy to use and very powerful. Made in CANADA, built for the WORLD.

    Just install one or more NOVEX2000 pci cards into the pci slots of your computer, install the software from the NOVEX installation CD, connect 1 to 16 cameras (4 cams per N2K pci card) and optionally 16 alarm switches and you are ready to experience the power of the computerized digital security system. That's it! No additional hardware, cabling or software required. Save thousands of dollars on CCTV equipment without saving any of the power of your security/observation system. The NOVEX2000 is very user-friendly and you can start using it right away. Yet it has sophisticated features that once your needs grow you may enable and use accordingly.

    7 in 1: Digital Video Multiplexer with built-in switcher, Digital Video Recorder, Digital Video Player, Alarm monitor, Motion Detector, Remote control (remote monitoring /recording /playback/ configuration), local and remote PTZ support in one compact, Hi-Tech, Affordable N2K set!

      1.Monitor up to 16 videos on one screen. Click on the different display mode icons and you can monitor live, full screen, single camera, a quad view of 4 cameras, 16 cams in 4x4 matrix or other number of cameras in other layouts. Monitor each camera with 16 million colours or B/W. You can even activate the built-in switcher and have different cameras display sequentially one after the other, as per your time setting, in a single or multiple windows. You can monitor multiple sites with multiple cameras simultaneously.

      2.Digital Video Recording. The NOVEX 2000 offers 10 types of recording namely: snapshot, continuous recording, pre-alarm, alarm, post alarm recording, video motion detection recording, weekly scheduled recording, time-lapse recording, instant and remote recording. The recording frame rate may be set by the user for the different type of recording. Recording is saved on any hard disk drive selected by the user; you could also store on mapped drives or NAS or RAID storage devices. During an alarm (or motion detection) when an intruder enters a protected area - your external sensor (or our built-in motion detection system) may trigger recording of the event with date& time stamp, while the alarm is in effect. Actually (thanks to our virtual data storage system- PRE-ALARM recording) the recording may start 1 to 60 seconds before the event so you will have a full picture what goes on before, during and after the alarm (post alarm setting also available). You can view any of the 16 cameras during recording and do playback at the same time. You can record a single camera, a few selected cameras or all cameras at the same time - it is a true PENTAPLEX multitasking system.

      3.Digital Video Playback. When the event (recording) is over, use your computer as a digital video player to playback the recorded video or browse frame by frame. Use your printer to create a hard copy of a frame. There is also an instant replay, in case you want to review something before the event has finished recording - recording continues virtually uninterrupted. You can record up to a day of full colour video sequence from 4 cameras to 1GB hard drive if you set up the system to record at 1frame/second with MPEG4 compression. You can browse the alarm recording only, or all the recordings, as you wish. You can select a recording by date and time stamp and/or filter by type of recording. You can playback one camera at a time or multiple cameras (up to 16). The Playback is also boosted with Smart Video Search - enables playback of selected frames where a motion is detected in a pre-selected area; very useful when searching for objects gone missing - instead of playing back a long recording, the system will generate a video clip showing only moments when the object was removed or motion was detected around it.

      4.Remote Control and Video Monitoring. When you are away, from the premises that you are protecting, you can still observe, record and be in control. Instruct your N2K computer to dial you up (when the alarm is triggered) and send via modem the video feed to a computer at your remote destination. If you have a faster LAN or Internet connection (cable, DSL, ISDN...) it would be even better - connection is instant with a click of the mouse and the transmission is much faster than an ordinary phone line. Verify if there is an intruder or a false alarm. All that is needed is just a TCP/IP connection, including but not limited to a regular modem. Or if you prefer you can dial to your N2K computer from anywhere around the world and observe at your convenience and will. If you have fast Internet connection - you can instantly log-in to multiple sites and view multiple cameras from them. Check for unusual happenings. Record if you wish. You can remotely configure/change the N2K system settings, as well as control pan-tilt-zoom cameras and their presets. The remote monitoring/recording/configuration or PTZ control can be done through a proprietary NOVEX Client software (Remote Module or Remote Station) or it can be done via web browser (the NOVEX2000 has two video servers transmitting simultaneously one in MPEG4 and the other in JPEG compression, giving you a choice on how to setup a webpage/access and what refresh rate and quality apply). You can even use a Pocket PC PDA (like iPAQ, Windows2002, 2003 or Mobile 5.0) to do the remote monitoring, configuration, or PTZ control. Why not use a cellphone to remotely connect and monitor! The NOVEX2000 turns every CCTV camera into a sophisticated webcam with complete network support and enhanced functions.

      5.Video Motion detection. You can set a flexible, high precision 192 blocks (for each camera) area to detect any motion within. You can select a different shape of area for each camera, as well as choose the SENSITIVITY level for detection of the motion. You can activate automatic recording only if and when motion is detected and according to a certain time schedule. There is a built-in, daily, multiple event timer to switch on and off the alarm features & motion detection for you. PRE and POST motion recording can be set as well. Alternatively, you can use the alarm inputs of the N2K to connect a PIR or other detector.

      6.Secure and reliable. The NOVEX2000 is completely networkable and you can setup all levels of password and access within the network or use the two-level, multiple-user, NOVEX2000 password protection. The embedded NOVEX web and http servers use proprietary communication that adds to the better security of the system. You can also setup a VPN access with encrypted communication for added comfort and additional security. The possibilities are endless, but you can load the system as the need arises. Unlike cheaper and lower end products the NOVEX 2000 is a reliable product - it is being used at major airports, underground and train stations around the world, as well as tens of thousands stores, restaurants, banks, casinos, corporate offices and government buildings, police and military applications as well as for demanding residential projects.

      7.Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera support. The NOVEX2000 has fully integrated multi-vendor PTZ support for the most popular brands of PTZ and Auto-Dome cameras from Pelco, Philips, Canon, Panasonic, Ultrak, Vicon, Kalatel, Sensormatic, American Dynamics, Samsung, Elmo, Lilin, FastTrax, NOVEX SPEED DOME and other. You do not need a special and expensive PTZ controller - simply use your mouse or PC keyboard and pan, tilt or zoom the cameras locally or remotely. We can provide RS232 to RS485 converters, should you need to install the cameras at distances of 2-3000 feet or more.

      Diagram 1.

      8.IP network camera support. The NOVEX2000 supports analog and PTZ cameras, but also can work with IP network cameras and IP video servers providing true IP Surveillance or HYBRID Networked Video – video transferred over IP environment. Currently the N2K solution supports IP cameras and servers from Axis, D-Link, Vivotek, Sony, Novex and more.

      To recap: The NOVEX2000 is a PC based Video Multiplexer, Quad unit, HYBRID Digital Video Recorder/Player, Digital Time Lapse Recorder, Alarm monitor, Video motion detector and ultimately a Remote Surveillance System. The technology is based on the NOVEX 2000 pci card(s) and software. The N2K pci cards are easy to install, the software is very user-friendly and the sets and systems come at a great value - a true masterpiece, result of many years of research, development, innovation and cutting-edge implementation. We can offer you an N2K kit or a complete N2K system or a total solution - delivered, installed and maintained, in many countries around the world, by our distributors, dealers and resellers.

      2012. Exclusive focus on IP cameras and Megapixel IP cams solutions for CUSTOM projects.
      2013. HOSTED SERVICES were introduced to meet the demand for offsite recording and REMOTE (web-browser) monitoring, of a number of Clients.
      2014. Smartphone PHONE tracking and monitoring services were introduced, to track and secure children and employees.

      Due to the increased imitation software and pirate/copy software distribution around the world, please note that the unlicensed software may cause incompatibility between programs, does not qualify for upgrades and may contain viruses that can damage your PC. Make sure you purchase a genuine NOVEX and Microsoft software that gives you the reliability and peace-of-mind you deserve, includes special security features and latest releases as well as provides important technical support. Say NO to copy and imitation software and thus join us in our fight to put an end to piracy. Thank you for respecting copyright!