Know what's going on - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime!

NOVEX Digital Surveillance Systems give you the advantage of LOCAL and REMOTE monitoring, LOCAL and REMOTE recording; sophisticated LOCAL and REMOTE video storage and retrieval capabilities. Can be networked. They provide DIGITAL, high-quality recording and instant (local and remote) playback. The images have watermark and you can make snapshots and print hard copies with a click of the mouse. The NOVEX systems are compact, very high-tech and sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy to use.

NOVEX2000, unlike "similar", low-priced, PC based systems from the Far East is RELIABLE. Scalable. Has great long-term value and practically no maintenance. Can replace traditional analog systems or integrate with them. Made in Canada, built for the World: exported to over 50 countries!

NOVEX 2000 - Your choice: Custom Built or Pre-configured (Commercial-grade) off-the-shelf systems. Reliable DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE and RECORDING with Analog, PTZ and IP networked cameras. ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - the Ultimate Digital DVR CCTV system for your security, surveillance and monitoring needs - expandable from a single camera to virtually unlimited number of stand-alone or networked NOVEX "servers". Local or Global - you are in control.

Instant, Real-time, Secure, Hybrid - you are in control!


Customize your DVR system...

  • The NOVEX2000 systems can be delivered as
    Desktop or (2U/4U) Rack-mount systems.

  • You can connect regular, analog CCTV and
    PTZ cameras, and IP network cameras.

  • Dual monitor option, Alarm Alert via
    phone, PC video, email with snapshot etc...

...or build your own N2K system with NOVEX DVR card sets

4- video inputs, US Dollars:
  1 capture card , software (N2K Server and Remote).
8- video inputs, US Dollars:
  1 or 2 capture cards , software (N2K Server and Remote).
  • $966 - PRO v 2.2 (2 cards -4 inputs ea)
  • $1133 PLUS v 2.3 (2 cards-4 inputs ea)
  • $1399 -ELITE v 2.3 (1 card-120fps)
  • $1999 EXPRESS2 v 3.02 (1card-240fps)

!!! All NOVEX DVR cards are DISCONTINUED as of MARCH30,2012 due to chip unavailability. Tech support for all NOVEX DVR cards will cease on April30, 2013. !!! As of March31, 2012 we NO LONGER develop, manufacture or offer DVR cards - we are exclusively focused on custom IP camera projects.
16- video inputs, Price in USD:
  2 or 4 capture cards , software (N2K Server and Remote).
  • $1333 -SE v 1.901 (HOME - 4 cards)
  • $1933 -PRO v 2.2 (OFFICE basic -4)
  • $2233 -PLUS v 2.3 (OFFICE enhanced)
  • $2699 -ELITE v 2.3 (2 cards-240fps)
  • $3998 -EXPRESS 2 v 3.02 (2 cards)

All NOVEX2000 DVR card sets include electronic manuals and N2K installation CD with Server and Client software; alarm cable interface is optional
  ( computer and cameras are not included )

PRO and PLUS are 4-input, 30fps pci cards; ELITE is an 8-input card that supports 120fps and uses only one pci slot. Express2 is an 8-input card too, but is faster - 240fps and runs more advanced software.

Express2 brochure: page1 and page2

YES! We can offer you NOVEX2000 SOFTWARE for IP CAMERAS ALONE. If you want to build a PURELY IP CAMERA SYSTEM, WITHOUT NOVEX2000 PCI CARDS - ASK US ABOUT OUR NOVEX2000 NetCam4 software. We can customize it for your application too!

  NO capture cards , IP camera software (NetCam Server and Remote).

  • $999 -NetCam4 software for 8 IP cameras
  • $1555 -NetCam4 software for 16 IP cameras

  • NetCam4 brochure: page1 and page2

The NOVEX2000 NetCam4 (IP camera software) includes a USB licence key, electronic manuals and N2K installation CD with Server and Client software; can run on any Windows including Windows7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  ( computer and cameras are not included )

The NOVEX NetCam4 support IP cameras from HIK VISION, AXIS, SONY and other (H264, MJPEG].
YES! We can help you integrate to POS, ATM, ACCESS CONTROL and other systems. We can develop applications and features to your order. NOVEX2000 has MULTICAST support, CELL-PHONE and SMART-PHONE applications, Multi-level ALARM STATION, CENTRAL MONITORING STATION, AUTO FTP PUBLISHING and other optional applications, just to name a few. Tell us what you need and we will advise when you can have it!